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Merry Feastmas!

If you click on the image then it will take you to a page where you can print off a foldable version to stick on your mantelpiece I hope you...Read More


A couple of months ago I heard about an opportunity to submit a short film script and apply to join a pool for emerging talent in Scottish f...Read More

Sunrise Wholefoods

“Before you take your coat off, just nip across to the health food shop to get some eggs will you?” asked Maggie as Meg pushed her way past ...Read More

Leftovers soup

This is tasty soup. What is it? Leftovers soup. Yesterday’s soup? I thought we finished that. No, leftovers soup: soup made from the week’s ...Read More

Wasted Effort...?

Some of my regular readers will know that over the past 21 months, Maggie and I have made major changes to our eating habits resulting in a ...Read More


I was down in Chesterfield visiting my father over the weekend. The stinking cold that still hasn’t left my system yet, combined with the ev...Read More

Diary of a Cold

Saturday 10.30pm - Been feeling steadily worse as the evening has progressed. We kept Meg off school yesterday because she had quite a nast...Read More


It’s difficult to put into words just how much I despise the game of Rugby. I spent a large part of my childhood in Wales where everyone is ...Read More


The clocks went back an hour during the wee hours of Sunday morning, releasing us from the promise of the long golden evenings of British Su...Read More

Hung over

I am hung over. I have a headache from Hades and feel sick, queasy and generally bleargh. “It’s your own fault,” I hear you cry, “you should...Read More

The Big Four-Oh

They say that life begins at 40, yet statistically a certain number of people around the world must die on their 40th birthday, which must m...Read More


I’m aware that there have been a few blog posts of late that might have left some people wondering what happened next, so here are a few out...Read More

Funniest post?

I've been meaning to post a follow up to the last one all week, but had no choice in the matter... Meanwhile, I've become aware of a...Read More

Free Will?

The 3rd "Intro To Philosophy" evening class went ahead last night and, amazingly, everyone's still turning up to it, apart fro...Read More

Stopped by the Police

“Have you ever noticed that you’re never pleasantly surprised at a Little Chef ?” Maggie’s laughing at that slightly more than it deserves. ...Read More

DS Protocol?

We were in the supermarket yesterday when we saw a mother with 2 kids – one was about 18 months old and sitting in the trolley, while the ot...Read More

Class Begins

I was feeling a little nervous; class was about to begin; I looked up from my notes - a new person had materialised at the end of the table ...Read More


I watched a fascinating programme last night by Stephen Fry about BiPolar Disorder, or Manic Depression as it used to be known. Somehow I f...Read More

Life Lessons #2375

The worst place to be when the smoke alarm goes off in the kitchen and for a brief moment, until your wife shouts that it's just the toa...Read More


And there it is again. The hurt. It is a pressure in the chest, a gaping void in the stomach, a lump about to form at the back of the throat...Read More

A drop in the ocean

Last night we sat and watched “ March of the Penguins ” on DVD. Apart from some over-anthropomorphising it was quite spectacular, but it did...Read More
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