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A couple of months ago I heard about an opportunity to submit a short film script and apply to join a pool for emerging talent in Scottish film. I wrote a script, filled in the application form and sent it off.

I haven’t heard back yet, but the process did bring me into contact with the South West Scotland Screen Commission, based in Dumfries, the upshot of which is that I’m now on the mailing list of film related things going on in this corner of Scotland.

Anyway, it turns out that a film company are going to be shooting in this corner of Scotland in the New year and require extras for a number of roles in the film. They’re looking for:

Males aged between 19 – 60s, Eastern European looking
Females aged between 20s – 50s, Eastern European looking
Young boy aged 11-12, Eastern European looking
1 Man aged 30s – Able to speak Serbian
Fit men 20s – 40s, meant to be professional soldiers

There’s a casting session this Wednesday evening in Dumfries so I thought it might be fun to go along, and as Rogan’s 11 he wants to come too.

Could this be our first step towards superstardom?

I doubt it - neither of us speak Serbian or are particularly Eastern European looking, and I’m certainly not fit enough to look like a professional soldier, but maybe we could be bodies in the background.

It might be a bit of a laugh, and an excuse for a few blog entries, but chances are I’ll be writing on Thursday about how they were unable to recognise star potential when we were right in front of their eyes.


Anonymous said...

You never know. I know a guy who was an extra in Braveheart. It helped that he was Australian (like Mel Gibson), and happened to have longish hair at the time that fitted being an ancient warrior. He got a close-up in the film which is pretty exciting. I look forward to seeing if you make it.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I'm thinking of sending Ravel. He is both Eastern European looking, and, I suspect, a former soldier. Though he never discusses it.

SheBah said...

Sounds like they're making the next Borat movie - Borat: Cultural Learnings of Scotland for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Just put plenty of Kohl around your eyes, brows and through your beard and wear a gypsy scarf - and learn a few steps of Baltic dances - you'll be in like Flynn, no bother!

SheBah said...

And Kim, look up this site, if you practice a few of these before you go, it'll add kudos!!

Dr Maroon said...

Wear a black leather jacket and poloneck and you're in.

Gyrobo said...

I've never known anyone who was potentially an extra in a movie before!

I shall celebrate by converting all neutrons in the universe into protons.

This could take a while.

Stella said...

Cool Kim, let us know how you get on.

Simon, my eldest, was an extra in a short-lived tv series when he was about 12 or 13. Short-lived cos it was crap but hey he got on tv and got paid (not a lot) - his claim to fame.

avocadoinparadise said...

I always get a kick out of your blog so I'm linking to it for easy access. No comments on how to look Eastern European, but good luck!

restaurant gal said...

So fun! RG Daughter did this type of thing for almost four years. She starred in nothing but the "finest" industrial films, polical candidate ads, and educational shorts (hey, my city ain't Hollywood, you know?). She had a blast and I only had to fill in once for a no show!

quinn said...

I think it sounds kewl...and if nothing's a fun little adventure for father and son to go on together.....looking forward to the posts.

Dr Maroon said...

I can see it all.
The boy is plucked from the lineup, whisked off in a stretch limo to his own Winnebago and Serbo-Croat speech trainer, while Pop is left standing in the background as spear holder No. 4.

“How did it go?” asks Mum on their return,
“So-so. What’s for dinner?” replies Faither.
“It was brilliant!” exclaims the young star in the making.
“Well I don’t know,” says Pop, “it’s all so false. Tinseltown comes to Dumfriesshire. I’m not sure I approve. That casting woman was a complete amateur, I mean I was as Balkan as anyone…”

The young filmstar is already on his mobile phone deciding which friends to invite onto the set. Mater at the stove slips two extra dumplings into the stew for disappointed Pater. She is wondering if she and the daughter should wear matching outfits for the Baftas. ‘Scrub that!’ she thinks, ‘The Oscars!’ and we’ll use some daring London designer to produce two individual but complimentary outfits…yes…

At his computer, Kim moans, “…and that guy they took, he was as East European as Eddie Murphy…are there any scones in the house?”

Dr Maroon said...

What did you say to Foot Eater?

Kim Ayres said...

Jo - it's that tiny possibility that keeps us going in the face of insurmountable odds. Like doing the national lottery.

Mind you, we stopped doing that years ago

Dr McCrumble - ex KGB I suspect. I'd watch out for any traces of Polonium if I were you.

Shebah - I might just practice Popasi me chmarne dlachitse, which apparently means "Graze on my ass hair"

Dr Maroon - Is Serbia stuck in the 70s?

Gyrobo - I'll ask if there's a spare role for a toaster for you.

Stella - did the royalties not see him through college?

Avacado - many thanks :)

Restaurant Gal - well I did once star in a local adult education promotional DVD. Well, when I say star, I mena they used a 20 second clip of an interview. Unfortunately I wasn't picked up by the talent scouts.

Quinn - it's about time for another father & son bonding thing, and as I'm never likely to take him camping...

Dr Maroon - Brilliant!

As for Foot Eater, I have no idea. My guess is he's either pressed the wrong button while trying to update to Beta Blogger, or they've discovered his blog at work again and he's panicked.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you should do it. Some of my friends have been movie extras before, and they've loved seeing themselves on film.

Foot Eater said...

Blogger Beta, Schmogger Beta.

I was offered a part as an extra in an ITV show which screened in Autumn 2005. It was called Jericho, and was a police drama set in the 1950s. They offered £25 to have your hair cut in 50s style. I couldn't make it on the day, but a friend of mine took part and could be seen in one of the episodes, running towards a bomb just before it detonated.

Go for it.

Kim Ayres said...

Sassy - welcome to my ramblings! We went for it last night - see today's post

Foot Eater - despite your avatar, I always kind of imagined you with a 50s haircut anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your semi- extra-stardom. With FX these days they can make things look and sound however they want.

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