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Last night, just doing an e-mail check before heading for bed, I took a quick look at Vaporise Barney’s blog site and found a post where he ...Read More

Bruce's Stone

Robert The Bruce looms as one of the most famous Kings in Scottish History, primarily because he led one of the more successful rebellions ...Read More


I’m feeling low and flat and weary and grumpy and I’m having trouble shaking it off. It’s February. The weather’s miserable. There are yucky...Read More

Mum's ashes

I've disabled the comments on this post, as I don't think it's something I really want to get into a discussion about. I just wa...Read More

Meeting Dr Maroon

As I sat in the bar of the hotel waiting for Dr Maroon, I realised I was actually feeling a bit nervous. Would he find the place; would he c...Read More

Calvin & Hobbes

Click on the image for a larger (readable) version I always had a soft spot for Calvin and Hobbes , and rummaging through folders on my comp...Read More

A Cynical Romantic

Valentine’s Day is here. In our house, however, it hasn’t been celebrated for 9 years, because my daughter, Meg, was born on this day, 8 yea...Read More

Problem Solving

Time for a lighter post methinks... Have you ever been going for a job and on the application form it says something like “Please give and e...Read More

Blunt Cogs

Despite the fact that for the vast majority of the time I strive to be perceived as a warm, considerate, wise and empathetic individual, the...Read More

6th Sense

I’ve often wondered about the whole notion of the 6th sense, because so many things seem to get caught up in the one concept. The other 5 se...Read More
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