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La Toot, Haltwhistle

After years of enjoying Maggie’s wonderful homemade soups I had forgotten that Knorr still made their unique mixture of powdered chemicals ...Read More

Week 104

2 years ago today, Maggie and I changed the way we ate forever. No one intends to become considerably overweight, Sumo wrestlers aside, it j...Read More

Meg is 9

9 years ago today my daughter was born. Apparently 40% of children born with Down’s Syndrome have heart defects ranging from a slight murmur...Read More


It’s the 4th anniversary of my mother’s death today. We’re dealing with capital punishment and war in the Intro to Moral Philosophy class I’...Read More

Valentine Offers

Using broad stereotypes and clichés for the purposes of this post, we all know that the majority of men, and I include myself here, are pret...Read More
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