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Happy Christmas!

Some other time I may relate to you the tale of a couple of years back when we very nearly didn't celebrate consumerism in the name of a...Read More

Real Musicians

Over the past few weeks I’ve been to two folk sessions in Castle Douglas, and one in Kirkcudbright, run by the same guy. At the last one, I ...Read More

Lessons in life...

I’ve just been playing cards with my 10-year-old son, Rogan. We ended up playing pontoon and I had in my hand a king and an ace – pretty mu...Read More

Grandad’s Muesli

“No Poppy! Leave Grandad’s muesli alone!” When my stepdaughter, Layla, and her wee ones came to visit us back in the summer, this statement ...Read More

Theory of Life

When you really should be doing a bit more with your life, but are looking for a bit of distraction instead, this is the kind of thing that ...Read More

Death to Barbie

We have never bought in to the whole Barbie thing. In fact, our house has been something of an anti-Barbie zone for so many years, that it j...Read More

Losing My Religion

When I was younger, I was what my wife refers to as “a searcher” - one who is looking for a spiritual meaning of life. I was looking for ans...Read More

No More Heroes

Who are your heroes? Who are your role models? If you could be anybody else, who would you want to be? A couple of weeks ago, it dawned on m...Read More

Mandolin Heaven

Those who read my post Blistering Fingertips will know that I’m rather excited about the fact that I’ve started playing the mandolin again,...Read More

Life's a beach

The other day Maggie and I went down to the beach for lunch. There was a brief respite in the rain, so we wrapped up warm, put some soup in ...Read More

Happy Halloween!

Meg went to the school Halloween disco the other night and insisted on being made up as a witch. Sometimes a proud dad just can't resist...Read More


I was over at Asher Hunter’s blog when I noticed in his sidebar a quote, which I thought was probably from some current anti-Bush/Blair act...Read More


When my friend Dave came to stay with us recently, he brought with him a few CDs of music, one of which was by Rammstein, a German Heavy/Ind...Read More

What is an Agnostic?

There are those who believe in God and those who don’t. And there are many people who sit on the fence and call themselves agnostic. However...Read More

Life is good

I know the British have a tendency to talk endlessly about the weather, and I have tried to avoid it in this blog. However, today the sun is...Read More

Father and Son

Last year I read a book called “Manhood” by Steve Biddulph and I would heartily recommend it to any guy who has wondered about what his rol...Read More
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