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External Brain

In many ways I have given up trying to store too much information in my own head, and have started using the world and other people as a kin...Read More

He's 16 today!

Many, many years ago, thinking it would be rather cool to create a one-of-a-kind birthday card using Photoshop, I had no idea I was actually...Read More

How funny?

It's not "offensive" humor that bothers me, it's spite and malevolence that I'm against. Humor is a bit like sex: it&#...Read More

Mambo Jambo

Regular followers of this blog will know I’ve been involved in photographing performers each month for “The Mill Sessions” – a mostly acoust...Read More

Facing The Weekend

Photo taken by Rogan Over the next day or two I will start taking down the 130 or so photos stuck to the walls of my studio from last wee...Read More
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