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Hole in my shoe

. I have a hole in my shoe. Not a big one that lets in the water and makes my socks wet, just a small one in the heel where it has worn thro...Read More

Blood Disposal

. That’s the 4th pint of blood removed from my veins in the past few weeks, and unlike previous times , this time I gushed – the entire bag...Read More


. It seems the older we get, the more upset we become when things aren’t quite the same. The smallest of things can cause the greatest outpo...Read More

Coming soon...

. I have the greatest blog post ever written lined up. It will answer the most fundamental questions about existence, and help to truly make...Read More

Finally relented

. As I sit here in not one, but two fleeces, the smell of dusty heating is beginning to pervade the house. It is the distinct aroma that occ...Read More
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