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Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea is not a common pastime for the Scots (see previous entry - Life's a Beach ), even in the summer months. Next stop I...Read More

Short Legs

I guess we’re all a mish-mash physical mix of our ancestry. Pure-blood usually means in-bred, which as any biologist, geneticist or dog bree...Read More


Continuing the ramblings I wrote while on holiday in France ------ It’s surely not a good sign when you notice there is a small puddle under...Read More

Standing Stones

A single standing stone can’t help but bring out the pagan hippy in me - the desire to reach out and touch it, lean against it, or even clam...Read More

Mosquito Coil

On a warm summer’s evening in Brittany, where else would you want to eat your dinner but outside on the patio, seated at a cheap plastic tab...Read More

Taking a Siesta

I'm back, and about to spend the next couple of days sleeping, reading emails and catching up with bloggy stuff. Although I didn't g...Read More
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