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Everything these days is over hyped, so it’s not surprising we become so easily jaded and cynical when the newest and latest blah-de-blah is...Read More


Every morning when I climb out of bed, I stretch my arms above my head until they almost click, then glance down at my belly where, from thi...Read More

An emptier house

There’s a particular cold, pre-dawn, early morning smell to the world outside that is flavoured by lack of sleep from excitement and nervous...Read More

Chalk Lines

My post “ We are the authors of our own story ” is the briefest of outlines of an idea that’s been playing on my mind for the past week or s...Read More

Blog upgrade

Having been hijacked into switching to New-Blogger a few weeks back, I’d been toying with the idea of upgrading to their new template system...Read More

Spreading my seed

I’ve never been asked to guest post on someone else’s blog before, so to be approached by Restaurant Gal for my first time was a real honou...Read More
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