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Depth of vision

. Come here. Put your arms around me. Now look deep into my eyes and see that I'm not lying to you. OK, go and get your glasses then...Read More

Rocket Fuel

. Ugh… “Turn it upside down” Huh? “The other way up” Oh. Now what? “Press the bottom” The lid? “What?” The lid is at the bottom because it’s...Read More

Hair today...

. 9 years and 363 days after she was born, Meg has had her first hair cut. Quite why it has taken so long to get round to doing it comes dow...Read More

Things to do

. Fall in love Have beautiful children Become a famous author Become a millionaire Rule the world Put the bin out .Read More

5 years

. It's the 5th anniversary today. Surprisingly I didn't remember until later in the day, which is a good thing I guess. It means I...Read More
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