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I am constantly torn when it comes to photography competitions – should I enter or not? There's only any point in entering a competiti...Read More

Mr Pook's Kitchen

"So if we take the photo from this corner of the restaurant, we could have Ed in the foreground looking in command, with customers and ...Read More

The Open Book

If I had to choose only one location to be able to create as many different possible kinds of storytelling photos, I wouldn't be able to...Read More

Cafe Largo

When my daughter, Meg, turned 21 back in February, we gave in to her request for a party and hired Ringford Village Hall for the evening (se...Read More

Meg is 21

OK, I'm a bit late with this, I know. Meg's 21st birthday was LAST month, on Valentine's Day. And then last week (March 21st) ...Read More
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