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No Bounce

As my arse was sinking deeper into the mattress and my knees were becoming level with my shoulders, I began to wonder whether memory-foam ha...Read More

Season's Greetings

I don’t know quite what’s happened to my blog writing skills. There was a time when I could turn even the most insignificant event into some...Read More

A wonderful photo

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across an amazing photography site - . I submitted a couple of my best photos, but they were not ...Read More


A wave travelling through water is not an object - it is a process. The water it flows through is affected by the energy of the wave, causin...Read More


“ My mother’s looking after the kids on Saturday evening ,” she said, casually dropping it into the conversation, as though her mother would...Read More


I came across a site the other day called "GoAnimate". It allows you to create your own animated sketches by using cartoon charact...Read More

Suprisingly gentle

On a cold, wet and windy autumn day, the clouds briefly part. Momentarily, a ball of fire a million times larger than the earth and 93 mil...Read More

Pumpkin Carving

For many years, creating a vegetable-based lantern at Halloween meant hours of hard graft with a knife and a turnip. Designs were pretty bas...Read More

45 Today

Today I finally reach 45 years old – middle aged if I live to 90… It’s been suggested I’ve always been 45. Even when I was 6 I would sit i...Read More

Rites of Manhood

Unlike our tribal ancestors, there are very few rites of passage to adulthood for boys in the modern age. Getting drunk with a few pals is h...Read More

Photography Fun

During my stint as Artist in Residence for the Wigtown Book Festival, I found myself reflecting on the fact it often feels I’m part photogr...Read More

Halfway Through...

I've reached the halfway point in the Residency at the Wigtown Book Festival. Do pop across to the blog I put together especially for ...Read More

Who's in Charge?

I had another one of those little revelations the other day – the kind that in some ways I already knew, but hadn’t looked at it from quite ...Read More

The Hut

With the Wigtown Book Festival beginning next Friday, preparations have been occupying most of my waking thoughts this past week. As Arti...Read More

Wedding Photography

When Danny told me he was getting married, I congratulated him with a warm smile. When Danny asked me if I’d be available to take a few ph...Read More

Now We Are 6

When I was One, I had just begun. When I was Two, I was nearly new. When I was Three I was hardly me. When I was Four, I was not much...Read More

Loss of a friend

I’d been self-employed for only a few months, but it was becoming clear my business strategy was flawed and things were not going to plan. A...Read More


“Oh, I know who you mean,” said Maggie. “He works in the Co-op. Lovely man. Always so friendly and helpful.” Richard is tall, covered in t...Read More

Déjà vu

"Stop fussing, we’ll pay you back. Now type your credit card details in there!" Less than 24 hours after the T in the Park musi...Read More

External Brain

In many ways I have given up trying to store too much information in my own head, and have started using the world and other people as a kin...Read More

He's 16 today!

Many, many years ago, thinking it would be rather cool to create a one-of-a-kind birthday card using Photoshop, I had no idea I was actually...Read More

How funny?

It's not "offensive" humor that bothers me, it's spite and malevolence that I'm against. Humor is a bit like sex: it&#...Read More
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