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I am a blogger...

. Blogging: (blŏg-ging) . An enjoyable pastime; . A way of expressing emotions, ideas and opinions in a public realm; . A way of mee...Read More


. When someone we love dies, we are broken beyond healing. It is not a wound that will eventually knit back together; instead we are smas...Read More

Blogging Advice?

. PRE-AMBLE While some of the craziness of getting picked up by Blogs of Note is beginning to die down a bit – I’m currently only gettin...Read More

14 Years

. 14 years ago I was 28 years old. I had recently graduated from Dundee University as a mature student with a 2:1 degree in Philosophy. 1...Read More


. Put the wider side on the right and pull it down so it’s much longer. Fold it over the shorter side and back round… do I do that once, ...Read More

Windows of the Soul

. I’m currently sitting at the computer wearing my wife’s glasses, trying to focus on what I’m typing. It’s not easy as she has bi-focals a...Read More

Blogs of Note

. Rather than the usual one or 2 visits an hour to this site from people looking for Naked Bearded Men (and leaving disappointed), Sitemete...Read More

Bea Last

. OK, enough of the wallowing in self pity. I can only take so much, although it seems even that is considerably more than anyone else arou...Read More


. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I live with isn’t crippling in the sense of, say, not being able to move about, dress myself or have friends...Read More
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