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Festive Wishes

Sometimes I have to hunt for a suitably festive, seasonal image. On occasion I've even had to create one from scratch. This time, howeve...Read More

Pursuit of the Line

Back in April I wrote about my experiences of life drawing (see Life Drawing, Panic and Exploration ). After 2 excruciating terms of tryin...Read More


The internet connection is appallingly sporadic. Mostly it isn't there, then it appears for a few seconds - enough for an email to pop t...Read More

Jacquies Beauty

Jacquies Beauty is a salon in Dumfries offering a wide range of beauty treatments including facials, hair removal, nail care, toning treatm...Read More

Seasons of Galloway

Every now and again I post photos on this blog that are not of people. Although portraiture, performances and events are how I make my liv...Read More


48 has a nice round feel to it. Divisible by 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 16 and 24, it feels inclusive and encompassing - a big, friendly number. 47 h...Read More

James Ewart Racing

The November issue of Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine hit the shelves today. It has a special business supplement magazine, which is ru...Read More

Fred & Ginger

When I contacted Lynn to let her know she had won the draw I held over the Spring Fling weekend for a photo session, her initial reaction w...Read More

Trading Journeys

Hi kim, how about thursday morn at breakfst? somewhere near creetown or newton, i can tell u wher exactly the night before. Then u get a bit...Read More
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