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Casual labour

“Four,” he said. I held his gaze. “K?” although it was more of a statement than a question. In this industry it couldn’t be anything else. H...Read More


One of the things I discovered about myself many years ago, was that if I was placed in a situation where there were many different kinds of...Read More

The Exhibition is Open

“Beautiful, colourful work with superb textures” “Exciting and beautiful! The two don’t always go together” “Unique, inspiring & thought...Read More

Tooth progress

I am on the cancellation list, which means I might only get an hour’s notice of an available dental appointment. The future of my front toot...Read More

New Look...

Have you ever been chewing the top of a pen while writing and it’s suddenly cracked and given way and you end up with a few shards of plasti...Read More

Easter Play?

In most parts of Britain, the Nativity Play at Christmas is the central part of any school year, where primary school children are concerned...Read More

Blong Cuts

“Cu*t” said Dr Maroon as I walked into Cap’n Bobs to meet him for lunch. “F*ck!” I replied. “No you idiot, cu*t. Look, just get rid of the a...Read More
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