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It appears I'm still alive.

Although I had to check.


There is far too much deeply emotional stuff going on in our lives at the moment that I will never be able to blog about.

So I thought I'd put up some photos of peonies from our garden instead.

Mostly for Pat, as I know she like peonies.

Hope you like them

You can click on any of the images for larger versions


mapstew said...

What nice peonies you have. (And no, I don't say that to all the boys!)

(You know my email, feel free to vent at will, he likes a good venting does our Will!) :¬)

WV = muters

Aoife.Troxel said...

I like the last one; like ash.

savannah said...

the photos are gorgeous!

but, amen, brother, i sooooo know what y'all are talkin about! as map said, y'all know where i am, if needed. xoxoxox

Pat said...

Also what Mapstew said.

It's true I'm potty about peonies but that last one has me speechless - almost.
That coppery pink, that chewed liquorice cream and that dark wood green - imagine a dress in old silk taffeta in those colours. Or anything in those colours.
Thank you Kim;)
WV: scones - not a bad idea when all else fails.

Fay's Too said...

Lovely flowers. I've always liked diversion as a means of escape, though I must say denial is my all time favorite.
As a psychotherapist and blog friend you'll probably never meet face to face, feel free to email me and bitch and/or cry your head off. I'll put it back on.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh Kim! They are gorgeous peonies! I love those flowers... there are lots in my city.

And do vent... it will help you deal with whatever is going on, even if just to air your frustrations or hurts or whatever emotions are frothing about inside.

Eryl Shields said...

Love that last photo, it makes me think of Cinderella for some reason, maybe it's the dress thing Pat mentioned.

I killed the peony in our garden by trying to move it, it only ever produced one flower a year but it was a gorgeous one.

Kiwi said...

I also love that last picture... It's so starkly different compared to regular flower pictures. It's just... beautiful. Even things that aren't typically gorgeous can be simply stunning. The only factor is if you take the time to look.

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - I don't like to boast, but have you seen the size of my peonies? ;)

Aoife - thank you :)

Savannah - I know you know - I've seen enough similar posts on your site :)

Pat - whereas the other images are more or less as they came out of the camera, with the last one I played with it a bit in Photoshop - I desaturated it a bit (removing some of the colour) and gave it a slight sepia overlay - the end result is it sort of "ages" the image. In fact it reminds me a bit of those old photographs that used to be hand tinted

Fay - diversion is a key strategy. Denial never really works for me for 2 reasons - the first is I am a seriously crap liar, and the 2nd is I have a degree in philosophy so I'm always stripping back the layers and never accept blanket statements

Pointa - I do have a friend or 2 who bear the brunt of my venting rather admirably, but I'm very limited with what I can say on the blog. Besides I'm beginning to worry this blog is turning into "Grumblings of the Bearded One"

Eryl - We seem to have loads of them this year, but the flower heads are so heavy they keep keeling over and drooping big time. The stalks just cannot take the weight

Kiwi - look at my reply to Pat to see why that image looks so different :)

Lisa said...

YOur peonies are just lovely. I do wish ours would stay in bloom longer. Any ideas on how to make the blooms last a good long time? Seems like they bloom here in Kentucky for about two weeks and then they are done.

Kim Ayres said...

Lisa - someone told me recently they make great dried flowers. It's not something I've ever tried but she talked about hanging them upside down in a corner behind her cabinet

V said...

Re. 'I'm beginning to worry this blog is turning into "Grumblings of the Bearded One"': whether it's grumblings, musings, rantings, ponderings or otherwise we'll all still be here. Worry not about your content! In the meantime, the peonies are beautiful.


angryparsnip said...

Peonies are my favorite flower. I can't grow them where I live now but I have when I lived in California. I can only buy them at the florist.

cheers, parsnip

hope said...

I don't think I've ever seen a peony and I come from generations of gardeners! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden.

I understand what you mean about how much you can share/blog. Just know many of us, Sav knows what I mean, understand. Different circumstances but same emotional responses. Just promise you won't hold it in and let it consume you. Let it out, even if it's just a one word post of some archaic swear word we have to go look up. :)

Ron Tipton said...

Just beautiful Kim. I love peonies. Their look, their smell. Be well my friend.

litzi said...

Hi Kim,
As in all things, balance is the key. Sometimes we need to be in a mind space, other times in a heart space or a body space or a soul space... whatever it is that being in the now calls for. Apparently you’re in need of some peace of mind right now.

Take care…

Hindsfeet said...

How is it that beauty and encouragement for others always seems to come out of your suffering, Kim...

It's easy to encourage others when we're feeling hunky dory ourselves, not so easy when we're up against it...

Under the circumstances, you could easily be spewing toxicity and vitriol...instead you offer beauty and encouragement...You oculd so easily be consumed with your own pain, yet you turn your energy to consider Pat's love for peonies...

...makes for a very meaningful post here, Kim...

I wish so much for you and your family that suffering was not the backdrop of the richness you share with us here, but your life is teaching a valuable lesson...perhaps suffering serves a purpose, much larger than ourselves, much more meaningful to our fellow man and the world around us.

That said, wishing you rain in the wilderness, blooms in the desert...

Thankful for the gift of your life, Kim,

Keepin' afloat - barely said...

The flowers are beautiful. And photographs of beautiful things are a great diversion from the ways of life. I will take pictures of clouds to clear out my brain. Thanks so much for sharing.

Roschelle said...

Beautiful pics as usual Kim! Hope you guys get things sorted out soon :)

Meg said...

Those are beautiful! I can almost smell them.

Jayne Martin said...

Beautiful -- like all your photos.

Sorry your moon seems to be in feces these days. I hate it when that happens.

I'm sending you a hug, but it's just a virtual one so I hope Maggie doesn't mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

peonies are my absolute favorite. while i know not intended for me specifically, i thank you for posting. these gave me a moment to take a breath, imagine the scent and move onto the next thing while struggling mightily with a difficult co-worker. thanks. best, heather

Kim Ayres said...

V - I'm vary wary about this turning into a whinge-blog. It's too easy, and doesn't amke me or the world a better place. Hugs back :)

Parsnip - where are you living now?

Hope - I'm afraid all the ancient anglo-saxon four-letter swear words I know are still in common usage...

Ron - thank you :)

Litzi - mmmMMMmmm... peace of mind...

Hindsfeet - I'm not a great believer in suffering is good for you. What I do know, however, is helping other people has an additional benefit of taking your mind off your own problems

Keepin' afloat - thank you :)

Rsoschelle - thank you :)

Meg - do do smell good :)

Jayne - hugs - virtual or physical - are always appreciated :)

Heather - if you're reading this blog, then they are intended for you :)

Carole said...

How did you find peonies without ants. I love the flowers but they seem to always be accompanied by five to six ants per flower.

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - sounds like interesting photograph potential. You need to get a camera with a macro lens so you can take close ups of the flowers with ants

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