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. We don’t recall everything we see. Our brain spends much of its time filtering out what it considers irrelevant, and locking on to things ...Read More

Spring Fling 2009

. Spring Fling is upon us again (see Spring Fling 2008 ) - SW Scotland's Open Studio Event - which this year runs from Saturday 23rd to...Read More

Just say no...

. “Did you do any drugs back when you were younger?” “I used to smoke cannabis quite a lot, Doc, but I’ve not touched it for 20 years now.” ...Read More

18th May

. It’s the 4th anniversary of our move from Central to South West Scotland. It’s the 11th anniversary of me signing off the dole for the las...Read More

Half the fun

. Half the fun I have with photography is taking the photos. The other half is tweaking, editing and manipulating them. Click to enlarge .Read More
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