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18th May

It’s the 4th anniversary of our move from Central to South West Scotland.

It’s the 11th anniversary of me signing off the dole for the last time and becoming self-employed.

And although I cannot remember the exact date, it was around the middle of May, 21 years ago, when I left Devon and moved up to Scotland in the first place.

Each of these events marks a significant change in my life; a point where I rebranded who I was and what I planned on doing with my future.

None of them turned out as I’d thought they would.

But all of them did give me a chance to break with a past that was crushing the life out of me.


mapstew said...

'Celebrate good times, come on',
happy anniwotsit!

Eryl said...

So this is quite a good time of year for you, great, happy anniversaries!

Mary Witzl said...

Nothing in life ever quite turns out the way you think it will -- I've noticed that too. All the things that happen to you while you're waiting for other things to come along end up being your life. Weird, but interesting.

Happy various anniversaries, Kim!

Pat said...

Onwards and upwards dear boy:)

hope said...

"crushing the life out of me."

Hmmm, sounds like my job. Which is why I requested a week off for next week.

Until then I will think good thoughts and use you as a shining example. :)

Happy many anniversaries!

Charlie said...

Applause from the peanut gallery for taking the chances you did to change your life. There's no moss growing on your north side, I suspect.

And isn't today also Victoria Day?

Z said...

Hang on, you're from Devon? Should I have known that?

Change is good, anyway, even if it doesn't work out as you expect.

sarah said...

the last bit being the most important. can you imagine your life if you hadn't?

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary from the Antipodes

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - showing your age with that song :)

Eryl - This is one of the best times of year for me - when the leaves come out on the trees and suddenly the colours are bold. It's my time :)

Mary - our powers of prediction are far more limited than we believe at the time :)

Pat - :)

Hope - if your job is doing that to you, it has to be time to seek another job

Charlie - Although Victoria Day seems to be celebrated in some of the colonies, it isn't here in the UK. In fact it doesn't even get a pre-printed mention in my diary or calender

Z - I was in Devon before I moved to Scotland. But then I lived in Wales before I lived in Devon. And I lived in Sussex before I lived in Wales. And I was born in Cornwall.

Sarah - it's all about trying to take control of our lives, rather than feeling they are completely out of our hands.

NurseMyra - thank you :)

savannah said...

late, but congratulations for so many reasons, sugar! we need to remind ourselves of the good times we've had and to come! all the best to you & yours. xoxoxo

hope said...

Today I "celebrate" year 22 of working for the same employer.

I'm working on making this the last year I work while someone else takes the credit...then hands me more work. :)

Thanks for being inspiring.

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - and we need to remind outselves that we can change our lives :)

Hope - a great thing I read once said, "Find out what it is you love doing. Then learn to become so good at it, you can make money doing it. Then you'll always be hapy, and you might even be happy and rich"

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