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Qawali Sham Sufi Group

The Qawali Sham Sufi Group, from Afghanistan are currently in the UK. They have played in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and are even performing at a local arts venue, The Catstrand on Friday (completely sold out).

Apparently they wanted the chance to meet and play with some local musicians. And for one of the first times in my life, I happen to be known by the right people.

So last night, along with several other local musicians, I got to play along with them, in a converted barn out beyond the tiny village of Corsock (which is already in the middle of nowhere – one pub, which is also the post office)

It was so much fun.

Incredible music, wonderful faces, exotic language, lots of people, lots of cups of tea, lots of bits of cake, a superb mix of talented local folk musicians, and me, sitting with my bouzouki, finding it an ideal instrument to fit in with the G pitched drone running under the music.

I’m in a much better mood today.

Here's a YouTube video I found of them performing last year in Edinburgh



Mary Witzl said...

Ooh, I wish I'd been there!! I'd love to hear you playing your bouzouki with a bunch of Afghan musicians. In Corsock, of all places!

Kim Ayres said...

You'd have loved it, Mary, although you wouldn't have heard me. I struggled to hear me and I was playing the thing :) But it didn't matter

Anna van Schurman said...


michael greenwell said...

Very nice.

I'd have enjoyed that.

mapstew said...

It must have been fantastic. I bet you really enjoyed it. Great.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I didn't know you played the bouzouki! Hey let's start an internet band - Gyppo Byard on his gamelan, me on maracas, Scarlet on sax, you on the bouzouki and Gadjo can prance about in the background.

Glad you're feeling better.

Eryl said...

You were in your element, or one of them, and that has had a positive effect. I've just finished a book about that by Sir Ken Robinson.

I'd have been in my element just sitting and listening, sounds totally fab, lucky, lucky you!

Pat said...

Ooohmmmm! Like Mary I wish I'd been there. I didn't know you were a musician you dark horse you.

sarah said...

awesomeness ensues. that's quite the treat Ayres.

Kim Ayres said...

Anna - it was :)

Michael - I've no doubt :)

Mapstew - I did :)

Daphne - I'm definitely up for that. Where shall we have our first band practice?

Eryl - If you find yourself coming down to Castle Douglas for Spring Fling, bring the book with you and I'll take a look :)

Pat - I've made no secret of it, Pat. In fact if you look over on the sidebar under the labels "Music", you'll find a few entries. It's also mentioned in numbers 2, 14 and 50 on my 101 things about me, post. Mind you, you need to be seriously committed or very bored to work your way through the entire list...

Sarah - it was, it was :)

Pat said...

Did I tell you my memory is not what it was?
What's your name again?

Kim Ayres said...

You can call me anything you like, Pat, so long as you use that beautiful smile of yours when you say it :)

savannah said...

how exciting, sugar! we had the pleasure of spending time with a sax player and trding stories about music and history this past sunday. anyway, one of the things that really got the convo racing was talking about cross cultural exchanges/influences on music. (we really have so much to talk about over tea/coffee one day!) xoxox

(look for a movie called "lactho drom" made in 1993. i think you'll like it.)

Kim Ayres said...

I've searched for the film, Savannah, but I don't think it's out on DVD

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