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Smug Alert

. This photo has just won me a Fujifilm S100FS camera in their March competition. The Willow Harvester I think this might be the first comp...Read More

Dream dream dream

. I left school nearly 26 years ago. There followed a few years of the University of Life before returning to education, getting some Higher...Read More

Queuing Quandary

. As the checkout is approached, we notice more than one queue. What to do? Which one should we join? Normally I would make a rapid calculat...Read More

Skip Watch

. Wednesday : “Maggie! There’s a guy out there rummaging through the skip, picking up log-burner sized pieces of wood and sticking them in t...Read More

Iron levels

. On Tuesday I had an appointment with the haematologist about my haemochromatosis and how my iron levels are doing after 6 months of having...Read More
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