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. 9 months, 3 days and untold numbers of espressos later and I've finished Extreme Su Doku: Bk. 2, by Wayne Gould I can't remember h...Read More

Natural Born Leader

. (Also posted on 5 Minutes for Special Needs ) Meg has entered P7 – the final year of primary (elementary) school. When they asked if anyon...Read More

Maggie is 18

. Maggie is 18 today! Now before any of you start counting back on your fingers and work out I must have started going out with her 9 months...Read More

Over already?

. Rogan went back to school today; the summer holidays are over. It is wet, grey and miserable. It’s the middle of August. I’ve lived in Sco...Read More


. Most common requests when editing photos on the laptop in front of clients, friends or family 1. Can you do something about my teeth? 2. C...Read More

Tunes by the Sea

. Our friends Kerry and her son Oliy, have an open house every year during the first weekend of August. Old friends from her hometown and ne...Read More
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