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. Our new 32-inch HD TV is a compromise – far too small for me, and far too large for Maggie. We had a 32-inch TV about 6 years ago, ...Read More

Bouzouki Comparison

. Following my last post about my new bouzouki , I had a few requests for some kind of demonstration. So bowing to popular demand, here i...Read More


. One of the problems with having a guitar is it sometimes seems that everyone and his dog plays one. There is very little room for individ...Read More

Meg is a teenager

. Had my daughter, Meg, been born some years earlier, she would not have had her heart operation at 5 months old. Instead, it would hav...Read More


. Clothes Style Fashion Looking good These things are a complete mystery to me. Ok, so I get by with ignoring it most of the ...Read More
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