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Festive Wishes

Christmas cards have never been our strong point. Christmas emails have fared better. This year, however, stuff that will never be blogg...Read More

Workshop in Holland

I've always felt photography is primarily a storytelling medium and, while I have explored this through close up portraits, over the pas...Read More

Tomb Raider...

Problem one - costume. Well that turned out to be the easiest bit for me because Gina created it herself, including painting black some bri...Read More

Halloween Creations

It felt a bit odd carving a pumpkin this year without my son, Rogan, across the table doing one of his own. When I drove him back up to Edin...Read More

47th Birthday

This morning my daughter, Meg, took me down to In House Chocolates to treat me to one of their superb hot chocolates (melted chocolate is p...Read More

3 nights away

Maggie and I managed to have three nights away on our own last week. THREE! In the past 18 years or so - basically since before Rogan wa...Read More

The Yahs

The Yahs are a loud, rocking, entertaining local band. Front-man, Grant, struts his stuff like Freddy Mercury, Mick Jagger and James Brown ...Read More

Goodbye Stella

Stella started commenting on my blog way back in late 2005, barely 3 months after I'd started it, and she was always warm, kind and enco...Read More


My son and I returned from our road trip on Wednesday. One week and over eleven hundred miles had taken in a visit to a friend I’d known for...Read More
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