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Photographing The Yahs

OK, Ali and Dave, you swap places; Fergus you come in a bit closer; and Grant lean into the camera a bit more.


Hmmm... the balance isn't working. Dave, you move back to where you were, Ali move to where Fergus is and Fergus you move to where Ali orginally was.


Dave, bring the coffee pot in a bit closer to Grant; Fergus, angle the comb so it's flat on to the light; Ali raise your arm a bit; and Grant angle the cigar towards Ali's face... down a bit... a touch more... yes - perfect.


Damn, the rear flash didn't go off. Hold your positions guys while I shift my angle slightly...

Last month I mentioned a meeting with The Yahs (see earlier post) to discuss a photo shoot with them.

On Sunday we met up at Comlongon Castle to make it happen.

Various ideas had been discussed, although they all seemed to revolve around lead singer, Grant, being served, supported or waited on by the other members of the band.

Everyone was up for it, committed and patient while I kept making adjustments to lighting, positions and subtle movements, but eventually it all came together.

And I have to say, at the risk of sounding a little self-congratulatory, I'm delighted with how it turned out.

A typical scene of The Yahs just before they go on stage for a gig...

Feel free to click on the image for a slightly larger version

The photo ended up on the cover of their Album:


hope said...

Ah, looks like the indulgent rock star being pampered...although the dude with the lighter looks as if he might be thinking about using it on something other than the cigar. :)

I love the way your photos tell a story. Well done you!

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - part of the story was they weren't to look particularly happy about their roles :)

Eryl said...

You should congratulate yourself, this is bloody great. It reminds me of one of the Dutch masters, don't know which, bad with names, but one of the great ones. I love the muted colours.

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I've just read the earlier post, [now catching up, bad laptop], and what's grabbed me is how they throw themselves into their show, whether playing to a packed house or to a group of grannies.

Very much like how you throw yourself into your photography, and that's how end up with excellent work.

I had to laugh though...everything perfect then...

Anonymous said...

That's wild!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Yep, it turned out great!

Kim Ayres said...

Eryl - high praise indeed! Part of the painterly aspect to it is the staged poses element - much like the tableaux created by the old masters, we know the positions are created for effect, but we still buy into the story :)

Guyana-Gyal - Always pleased to make you laugh :)

Allen - thank you :)

Aoife - thank you :)

MaryWitzl said...

Great photos, Kim, but what Hope says about the lighter worried me too. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Mary - in another version of the photo, he was looking at the lighter, but it didn't work so well. When he lifted his gaze, it added another dimension to the photo :)

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