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Halloween Pumpkins

. The recent tradition of carving pumpkins in the Ayres household (as opposed to the previous tradition of carving turnips, which destroys ...Read More


. I often hear it said that the problem with birthdays when we get older is they never have the magic we enjoyed as children. Turning 4...Read More

44 Today!

. I’m 44 today. Well what do you know? I’ve survived yet another year... Apparently other 44 year olds who celebrate their birthday...Read More

Spring Fling 2011

. Spring Fling is an annual event in SW Scotland where, over the last weekend in May, artists across the region open their doors to the pu...Read More


. I’m going to be offline for the next week or thereabouts. I’m sure you all have plenty of things to be getting on with – other blogs to...Read More

Political Compass

. There is a fascinating site online called The Political Compass . The basic premise behind it is the traditional left-right view of p...Read More
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