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DS Protocol?

We were in the supermarket yesterday when we saw a mother with 2 kids – one was about 18 months old and sitting in the trolley, while the ot...Read More

Class Begins

I was feeling a little nervous; class was about to begin; I looked up from my notes - a new person had materialised at the end of the table ...Read More


I watched a fascinating programme last night by Stephen Fry about BiPolar Disorder, or Manic Depression as it used to be known. Somehow I f...Read More

Life Lessons #2375

The worst place to be when the smoke alarm goes off in the kitchen and for a brief moment, until your wife shouts that it's just the toa...Read More


And there it is again. The hurt. It is a pressure in the chest, a gaping void in the stomach, a lump about to form at the back of the throat...Read More

A drop in the ocean

Last night we sat and watched “ March of the Penguins ” on DVD. Apart from some over-anthropomorphising it was quite spectacular, but it did...Read More
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