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The Anonymous Blog

Most people out there in Blogland have opted to go anonymous. It gives them the chance to say things without worry about the fallout, so lon...Read More

Bramble Crumble

Tonight my wife made that greatest of great desserts, bramble crumble. Packed with the hard won blackberries from our annual hunt (See The G...Read More

Student Regrets

I’ve heard it said that it’s better to regret the things you’ve done than the things you haven’t done, and I can’t help but feel that there’...Read More

9 Naked Men

This is sooo funny It would probably help if you have some kind of broadband connection, but it is worth the wait. More

Weight Loss Blogs

Needless to say, having set up Losing a Hundredweight , I thought I’d see if I could find other like-minded sites out there in blogworld. To...Read More

Rites of Manhood

Across cultures and across time, men have had the need to prove their manhood. The most powerful of rituals have traditionally been kept for...Read More

Lada Owner’s Club

For those who don’t know, a Lada is a car made in the old Soviet Block and for a while was relatively popular in the UK because it was so ch...Read More
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