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Bramble Crumble

Tonight my wife made that greatest of great desserts, bramble crumble. Packed with the hard won blackberries from our annual hunt (See The Great Bramble Hunt), covered with a topping that was so full of flour, butter and sugar that it ought to carry an “instant coronary” health warning, and accompanied by a large dollop of Cream O’ Galloway’s finest Luxury Vanilla Ice-Cream, I was truly in a state of ecstasy.

Over the past several months we have been extremely good with our healthy eating regime. And I have come to love eating large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course we have had the occasional sweet treat and sporadic excess, but nothing comes close to the utter over-indulgence of the dark fruity, creamy, buttery, sweetness that is Maggie’s bramble crumble.

And it was soooooooooooo damned good.

I am stuffed, feel slightly sick, but thoroughly satisfied. Maybe in another 12 months I can have another one…


Anonymous said...

I'm commenting with my pocket pc now so my comment will be short since typing is a little trying.

The crumble sounds delicious . Do you think your wife would mind if you shared thr recipe?

Kim Ayres said...

I thought I could give you a quick reply, then found out it wasn't as easy as that, so please refer to my next blog posting

Anonymous said...

I do hope that this works, Kim - I can't find '2 taking it further' but I did find 'Post a Comment".
Bramble Crumble - how divine - I remember it well! However, very sadly, brambles are regarded as a pest, here. They take over the whole area in a very few months, as does gorse, so both growths are brurally killed as soon as they are spotted. I did find some in a hedgerow when we were out on a school trip with our littlies and parents. I was excited and began to pick them and offer them to some of the children, at which there was great consternation from one of the parents. "What are they? Are you sure they're not poisonous?"
We have boysenberries - they look a little like blackberries but the taste is more like raspberry or loganberry. - Sad, isn't it?
- Eve K.

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Eve - that's worked perfectly! I changed the "taking it further" back to "comments" so that it wouldn't be as obscure.

I'm really pleased you've taken the time to comment. Feel free to comment on any other posts!


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