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A Trip to the Doctor

Audio version of A Trip to the Doctor (opens in new window) So I always feel like a nap after lunch – doesn’t everyone? Ok, I get worn out a...Read More

Last Minute Holiday

Audio version of "Last Minute Holiday" (link opens in new window) “Are we going to have a holiday this year?” Maggie asked. We’d t...Read More

The Messiah Complex

Following my post Wasn't I Supposed to be Somewhere Else? , I decided to write a bit about the Messiah Complex - the feeling that someho...Read More

Audio Blogging?

For anyone interested in discovering that my voice sounds nothing like they thought it did, I'm experimenting with creating audio versio...Read More

Mouse Slayer

Audio version of "Mouse Slayer" (link opens in new window) How can I have nearly reached the age 40 and never had to deal with a m...Read More

10,000 Visits

On Monday the 5th of June at 1.20pm, this blog received it's 10,000th visit. I was hoping it might be one of my regulars, so I was plann...Read More
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