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That time of year

. January is the Lost Month in terms of creativity, action and getting on with life. Instead it is the month of stress, despair, and much w...Read More

Guest Blogging

. Gillian, from A Peek Into Our Lives , has lived in South Africa since she was 10 years old, but she originally came from Scotland. Alth...Read More

This is for you

. You know, you can do it. Yes, I mean you. You reading this. Stop thinking for a moment that I’ve written this for someone else. I haven...Read More

Winter snow and ice

. According to the weather forecast, this is the longest cold snap in Scotland for 50 years. Not only is it much colder than usual, but it&...Read More

A Blogger Mourns...

. It’s an odd thing when a blogger we know dies. It’s a case of culture not yet caught up with technology. We don’t know how to react. What...Read More
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