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Festive wishes

Home Baking treats seem to be the dominant force in the Ayres household at the moment. I’ve just had one of Meg’s gluten-free "iced g...Read More

Edible Jesus

Occasionally my photography leads me into strange areas I would never have considered venturing. Yesterday, for example, I was photographing...Read More

Twigs and Droplets

A few weeks ago, I went wandering out into the Autumn fog with my camera (see A Few Autumn Photos ). It wasn’t foggy today, but it was cri...Read More

Pumpkin Carving

For the 3rd year in a row - which now makes it tradition - my son, Rogan, has joined me in carving a pumpkin for Halloween. He's prett...Read More


10:00 a fairly nondescript number. It’s not the halfway point between 40 and 50; it’s not the answer to life, the universe and everything; i...Read More


Clothes are strewn about the house with little thought as to whether they have been worn or not. Yells and screams puncture all too brief ...Read More
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