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John Simpson

. "So, what do you think of the Poll Tax?" I’m not sure whether these were his first actual words to me, but they were cert...Read More

Full to bursting

. Stuffed Bloated F’lup For 2 days I’ve not held back with the eating. If I’ve wanted it, and I’ve not been feeling sick with all...Read More

Santa... *cough*

. NOTE: This post is unsuitable for children under the age of 13. If you are under 13 and have inadvertantly strayed on to this page, plea...Read More

The Geese

. The Geese are a local 3-piece “Indy-folk” band, with Alan on lead vocals and guitar (usually), Michelle on fiddle (mostly), and Harr...Read More

To Charlie

. My good friend Charlie and I found each other through blogging back around March 2006 – nearly 5 years ago – which in blogging terms ...Read More

Open Studio Day

. As mentioned in my post, Studios , a couple of months ago, Maggie has a new space in the next town along, Kirkcudbright. Bought ove...Read More

Cover Art

Prole is a magazine publishing prose and poetry, where the aim is that all submissions are high quality and accessible. I have to confess...Read More

December Song

. Jim Hamilton has released a single, “ December Song ”, in time to try and grab that Christmas Number 1 slot. His name might not be th...Read More
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