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Open Studio Day

As mentioned in my post, Studios, a couple of months ago, Maggie has a new space in the next town along, Kirkcudbright.

Bought over and done up by WASPS (Workshop and Artists' Studio Provision Scotland), 2 adjoining buildings now provide studios for over a dozen artists. And this Saturday (December 11th) there is an Open Studio Event to mark the official launch of the place.

From 10am to 4pm visitors can work their way around the building and, if so desired, buy artworks for gifts or themselves directly from the artists.

Mince pies and mulled wine are being provided, although no one has any real idea of how many people will turn up, so only as long as stocks last.

Maggie's been really enjoying her new space and has over half a dozen new works on display, as well as 10 calendars which can be personally signed.

Do head over if you can, and let anyone else know about it.

Directions can be found on Maggie's website here.

In the video below you can get a glimpse of some of the new artworks.



Lynne said...

What great happy work she does. I love the color blue and the way she uses it and the flow of movement that you see as you look at it make me wish I was closer to see it in person. Maggie good luck on the opening.

Pat said...

Wish I could(:
It looks such an inspiring building. I hope all goes well and that the weather doesn't be a problem.

Kim Ayres said...

Lynne - unfortunately the photos do the artworks no justice at all. Up close they have so much more depth and life

Pat - fortunately the temperatures have risen by about 15 degrees so the pavements are now free of ice again, which should help :)

Lynne said...

photos never do textured art credit, I can only image how beautiful they are in person.

savannah said...

glad the weather is clearing, sugar! all the best for tomorrow - wish we could be there. xoxoxo

Ron said...

Did Prince Charles and Camilla attend? Now that would be a real coup if you could get the Royal Pair to attend. I'm sure you saw the little "dust up" yesterday when C & C were attending the opera (or some function) in their Rolls. "Off with their heads!" Did you see the one picture of them? They left the opera by way of a tank (or some such vehicle.) I love this! I await your blog posting on this event my friend.

Anonymous said...

Nice work and from looks of the exterior nice new work space. I have a question though. What's "mulled" wine?

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - now that would be lovely - one day, perhaps :)

Ron - If the royals turned up and bought a piece, I might mention it in a blog, but their lives do not interest me sufficiently to give them the pixel space otherwise

Allen - essentially it's wine which is heated up with spices and sometimes bits of fruit - peraps cloves and cinamon, for example. Check Wikipedia on it for more info

Anonymous said...

Sounds very sweet..not too dissimilar to a "hot tottie" as I've heard reference to.

Kim Ayres said...

Allen - I think you'll find that's a hot toddy - with Ds - which is done with whiskey.

Tottie is usually a crude reference to young available women, so hot tottie is something quite different from a hot toddy... ;)

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