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Meg, with attitude

. As I've mentioned before, half the fun of photography for me is taking the photos and the other half is playing with them on the compu...Read More

500 Posts

. I’ve reached one of those funny kind of blogging anniversaries. Give or take an entry or 2, I seemed to have created 500 posts. Added to t...Read More

Maggie's birthday

. It's Maggie's birthday today and she is mumble mumble... years old. The day is a virtual re-run of last year (see Kites, Cakes an...Read More

Still anaemic

. Nearly a year ago, it was discovered I have mutant genes (see Genotype Compound Heterozygote ) and therefore haemochromatosis, which is a ...Read More

Charlie says...

. In the last post, my blogging pal, Charlie , left a comment saying, “ ...I'm thinking that your mid-life crisis is just about over. ” ...Read More

William Neal

. William Neal is an artist based out in Wigtown, SW Scotland. For many years he’s painted landscapes of Galloway, but more recently he’s m...Read More
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