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. A little over 4½ years ago my stepdaughter, Layla, asked me if I would prefer to be called Grandpa or Grandad . I was 37. There are times ...Read More

Field of expertise

. There are some things I’ve never been able to cook. ... In fact there are a great many of things I’ve never been able to cook. ... In fact...Read More


. There’s no doubt, fear can be a useful emotion: it stops us doing bloody stupid things like leaping off a tall building, trying to fight a...Read More

A Man in His Prime

. Since The Fatigue has taken hold over the past couple of years, there have been precious few opportunities to reassert my dwindling sense...Read More

Chopping Carrots

. I can’t watch Maggie chopping carrots: she does it all wrong. Every TV chef I’ve ever watched talks about curling your fingers back under ...Read More
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