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. Imagine how you would feel if, out of the blue one fine early autumn morning, you received a bill in the post for unpaid council tax for ...Read More


. There are times when I think naiveté is very likely to be the death of me. “Naiveté about what?” I hear you ask. Naiveté about pe...Read More


. We picked up the key for Maggie’s new studio last week. Although Maggie has been using the front room in our house as a studio sinc...Read More

Thinking too much

. “I’ve realised why you don’t find ‘ Chuck ’ as funny as I do,” said my 15-year-old son recently. “Why’s that then?” “Because you ...Read More

Bramble Hunting

. The Great Bramble Hunt is an annual tradition in our family. Each year, Rogan, Meg and I trek out to our favourite spot to try and ...Read More

Meg is growing up

. When I recently asked for blogging suggestions, several people badgered me for more about my daughter Meg. At 12½, Meg is not such...Read More
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