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. I am so tired of feeling tired; so weary or feeling weary; so exhausted of feeling exhausted. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow .Read More

Just add hot water

. When you go for a coffee, right, and they give you a choice between your espresso, latte, americano etc, all they really do is make up an ...Read More

Loadsa Visitas

. I was casually strolling down my blog and suddenly noticed that the Sitemeter stats had rather a lot of zeros in it. In fact, it said that...Read More

So tired...

. How is it possible to feel so tired and yet the body refuse to claim the amount of sleep it needs? You would have thought that if you’ve r...Read More

Food, Glorious Food

. As a rule I try not to look back on aspects of my life with regret. There’s nothing I can do about things past; besides, whatever happened...Read More
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