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Loadsa Visitas

I was casually strolling down my blog and suddenly noticed that the Sitemeter stats had rather a lot of zeros in it. In fact, it said that I've just passed the 40,000th visitor to this blog.

Now I'll happily admit that a fair few thousand of them are probably me constantly coming to the site to post ramblings, reply to comments, tweak the design and layout, and visit various bloggers from the links on my sidebar.

I did wonder if I could figure out who exactly was my 40,000th visitor, so peering closely at the Sitemeter page, I noticed that the visitor was from Ireland and it seemed to coincide with Conan Drum's comment in the last post, so it's my guess that he's the one.

I would hand out a prize, but there's been recent financial cutbacks in that department. However, Conan - if you're ever in the area, let me know and I'll give you a bottle of beer that's been sitting in the fridge, unopened since I changed the tablets I'm on.


Tom said...

Any chance of a prize for visitor 40,029?

Canadian Girl said...

Congratulations on your cyberpopularity! I check your blog daily for your words of wisdom - you bring a smile to my face regularly and were one of my inspirations to start a blog of my own.

savannah said...

wow, wow, wow! congratulations, sugar!

Fat Lazy Guy said...


Oh by the way, sitemeter has this thing where it doesn't record visits from your own computer, so those visits don't count on the total.

Carole said...

Excellent, although I do think you need to come up with a prize. Perhaps you could give him 40,000 winks of sleep. You don't use them.

Kanani said...

A prize? Shouldn't you design a widget for Conan to put on his blog? '40,000th visitor on Kim's blog" or something?

Kim Ayres said...

Tom - Absolutely! I have another bottle of beer sitting in the cupboard, so if you can give me an hour's warning, I'll stick in the fridge before you arrive.

Canadian Girl - Thank you for your warm words - I'll pop over and take a look in a minute

Savannah - it's not that big a deal, other than every time I've noticed I've reached a significant visitor number, it's been anonymous and I've not been able to figure out who it was.

FLG - Only if you choose that option...

Carole - if I could just find the wee rascals - they have a habit of scampering off into the distance

Kanani - tell you what, I'll design one specially for you as my 40,056th visitor :)

Dr Maroon said...

I think you're right!
I think 35,000 of them WERE you.

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats!! Quite impressive! Keep it up, you must be doing something right! ;-)

Charlie said...


PI said...

Congrats! I wonder if other bloggers think like I do. I'll just pop up to Scotland for a blether- have I time to get t0 California before lunch - whilst I'm here in Belgium might as well say hi to all the gang. In other words visualise where you are going. It really bothers me when I'm not sure of the country - and sometimes the sex.

Kim Ayres said...

Dr Maroon - you're the rocket scientist, so I'll believe everything you tell me

Stinkypaw - not really - as Dr Maroon says, they're nearly all me

Charlie - thankz

Pat - I hadn't thought of it in terms of globetrotting, but I like the picture

Dr Maroon said...

As you are fully aware, I am not a rocket scientist but an engineer and a bloody good one to boot.
And take that annoying little tracer program subroutine thing you've got on the "back" button off, and throw it to

Kuin said...

congratulations kim!
yet, hardly surprising as your writing covers so many topics and ideas etc that you can connect with so many different individuals and their interests!
well done!!

savannah said...

tis a big deal to me, sugar...with 6500 or so hits since march when i setup with sitemeter...i wish i'd set it up when i started the blog.i think i'll keep an eye out for who hits 7k

Kim Ayres said...

Dr Maroon - throw it to... what?

Kuin - actually I think I'm too diverse and not consistent enough to get the big number visitors - for that you need a theme, which I lack.

Savannah - that's good stats - it took me nearly a year to reach 10K

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