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Damage Limitation

. I hope everyone has survived Feastmas more or less intact! I've been asked to Guest Blog over at MizFit . I guess it must have been be...Read More

Happy Festivities

. Whatever religion, nationality, species or level of cynicism, I hope you manage at least a few smiles this festive season. If you click on...Read More

Baby Cormac

. On Sunday we drove up to see the latest addition to the family, young Cormac. Needless to say I filled the entire memory card with photos,...Read More

Intimate Portraits

. What I love about portrait photography is it’s like having a dressing up box, only with facial expressions rather than costumes. I love fa...Read More

Grandad III

. This is it folks, I am now a Grandad three times over. On Monday 15th, at 4.45pm, my grandson, Cormac, was born, weighing in at a respecta...Read More

Wired for sleep

. “Would you like a cup of tea of coffee?” “Won’t that affect the sleep study?” “Not really, we only have decaffeinated here.” The nurse ret...Read More

Down Syndrome Barbie

. What could be more natural than a girl having a doll she can dress up and accessorise and dream of becoming? Or is Barbie a very narrow, i...Read More

Me vs The World

. “Has it ever occurred to you,” my mother used to ask, “that perhaps, just perhaps, if the rest of the world disagrees with you it might no...Read More


. For decades, at this time of year I’ve battled away with carving turnips into basic lanterns. And while the turnip flesh gets recycled int...Read More


. This past week has been spent on the Isle of Mull, off the West Coast of Scotland. People we know have taken over a hotel in Tobermory and...Read More

Product reviews

. Sometimes my opinion as a blogger is sought after. Sometimes I’ve been asked to blog about a particular event or cause. Sometimes I’ve eve...Read More


. Rogan is 13 years old and really needs his own room. It’s been a toss-up between my study or Maggie’s art studio , and as she’s made mone...Read More

Ultrasound Scan

. “Is it a boy or a girl?” “Sigh…” “I guess everyone says that, eh?” “Everyone, yes.” “Can I get a photo of the ultrasound scan to take away...Read More

Hole in my shoe

. I have a hole in my shoe. Not a big one that lets in the water and makes my socks wet, just a small one in the heel where it has worn thro...Read More

Blood Disposal

. That’s the 4th pint of blood removed from my veins in the past few weeks, and unlike previous times , this time I gushed – the entire bag...Read More


. It seems the older we get, the more upset we become when things aren’t quite the same. The smallest of things can cause the greatest outpo...Read More

Coming soon...

. I have the greatest blog post ever written lined up. It will answer the most fundamental questions about existence, and help to truly make...Read More

Finally relented

. As I sit here in not one, but two fleeces, the smell of dusty heating is beginning to pervade the house. It is the distinct aroma that occ...Read More


. “It’s gey backendish,” said Maggie recently. “?” I enquired. “Very backendish: the back end of Summer.” “Not the back end of a pantomime h...Read More

Navel Gazing

. The problem with breaking is no matter how much glue, sticky tape and patches you use, the intact original has gone forever. The choice no...Read More


. I’ve decided to boycott any films I’m unlikely to find educational, enlightening, amusing or entertaining. And I’m seriously thinking abou...Read More
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