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Messiahing is someone else's job

One thing this ongoing Fatigue has finally driven home is I can let go of my Messiah Complex.

When I can’t maintain righteous anger for more than a few minutes without feeling exhausted; when indecision wears me out faster than making a wrong decision; when I’m overwhelmed with a sense of how insignificant I am; there’s not much chance of being able to change the world.

Maybe it’s time to let Obama give it a go.

Mind you, Palin has the fervour of one who believes she was divinely chosen...


debra said...

I waited an hour at the polls at 10:00AM; my husband waited as long at 6:30AM---folks had been in line since 5:45 and the polls opened at 6:30AM.
The response to this election is incredible and the energy is palpable.
Fingers crossed for Obama!

savannah said...

good thinking, sugar! now i know obama will win! ;-) xoxox

(i just hope gov. palin returns to alaska and the good people there have the sense to not re-elect her!)

savannah said...

HE DID IT!!!!!!

Christina said...

hehe love it! Chosen hahaha

(Pst I know assume I will be struck by lightning)

Kanani said...

But it's still going to be a very, VERY hard road. Roll up the sleeves and get to work.

Kim Ayres said...

Debra - I find it amazing people will queue for so long. I'm sure here in the UK the waiting limit would be about 15 minutes. Longer than that people would head off to do something else then forget to come back

Savannah - Yay!

Christina - if you look on my sidebar, I have a whole category called "If there is a god, I'm doomed"

Kanani - it's easier to work hard if you have something you believe in to work towards :)

Carole said...

And I was so counting on you. I shall have to return to my faith in Jesus.

El-Branden Brazil said...

The more you humble yourself, the greater you become.

Perhaps, that's why the real Jesus resonates to this day.

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - ah, but does Jesus give you a decent game of Wordscraper? (ducks passing bolt of lightning)

Branden - I see you have this messiahing lark down to a fine art :)

Jen said...

Doesn't she, though?

Kim Ayres said...

Jen - absolutely :)

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