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The clocks went back an hour during the wee hours of Sunday morning, releasing us from the promise of the long golden evenings of British Su...Read More

Hung over

I am hung over. I have a headache from Hades and feel sick, queasy and generally bleargh. “It’s your own fault,” I hear you cry, “you should...Read More

The Big Four-Oh

They say that life begins at 40, yet statistically a certain number of people around the world must die on their 40th birthday, which must m...Read More


I’m aware that there have been a few blog posts of late that might have left some people wondering what happened next, so here are a few out...Read More

Funniest post?

I've been meaning to post a follow up to the last one all week, but had no choice in the matter... Meanwhile, I've become aware of a...Read More

Free Will?

The 3rd "Intro To Philosophy" evening class went ahead last night and, amazingly, everyone's still turning up to it, apart fro...Read More

Stopped by the Police

“Have you ever noticed that you’re never pleasantly surprised at a Little Chef ?” Maggie’s laughing at that slightly more than it deserves. ...Read More
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