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Marking my territory

. I was watching this documentary the other day about animals marking their territory with urine. It seemed like a good idea to me so I’ve s...Read More

The Wet Song

. Courtesy of BBC Weather It's wet, it's wet It's very very wet It's very very very very wet It's wet, it's wet It&#...Read More

Archives Meme

. Brave Astronaut has tagged me to do this one. The rules for this are that you are to go back through your archives and post the links to ...Read More

Welcome to the Future

. “Computer! Take evasive action!” “ Did you say, ‘Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. ’?” “No! I said “Take evasive action NOW!!!” “ Did you say, ‘Hand me...Read More

More Awards?

. After handing out my own Rambling Beard Awards, I received a different award from Charlie at Hounded . Doling out my own awards was fun – ...Read More
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