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Time and a half

. There’s an old joke, which goes something like: if you quit smoking, drinking, fatty foods, chocolate, gambling and sex, you don’t live lo...Read More

Brief Encounter

. Do you remember The Storytellers Blog ? It was quite the phenomenon last Autumn. But then Christmas distracted everyone and through the lo...Read More

Tidying up...

. I am attempting to tidy my study. Considering it’s only about 6 foot wide and 9 foot long and I’m not even thinking about sorting out the ...Read More

A day in the life…

. Despite the fact each day feels like it lasts at least a week, these days I barely seem to achieve in a week what I used to in a single da...Read More


. Maggie took Meg to the supermarket with her this morning. "Go and get me a copy of The Puzzler ," she said to Meg, who dutifully...Read More

April Fool...

. Last night before heading for bed, I craftily flipped the calendar over to May instead of April, thereby managing to catch myself out with...Read More
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