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I’m aware that there have been a few blog posts of late that might have left some people wondering what happened next, so here are a few outcomes (who am I kidding – you’ll have all completely forgotten):


Philosophy Evening Class - Class Begins
She didn’t return.


New Bike - Am I in the midst of a midlife crisis?
I went for my first tentative ride around the block. It seems that the old cliché is true – you don’t forget how to ride a bike. However, I did feel extremely vulnerable.

I was intensely aware of traffic going past me and the fact that I didn’t have the large frame of a car with safety bags protecting me on all sides.

Despite the fact that it is black and not yellow, I felt a bit of a prat wearing the helmet. I was waiting for people to point and stare, but fortunately they didn’t.

I cycled for a grand total of about 8 or 9 minutes and was absolutely done in at the end of it. I spent most of the afternoon feeling exhausted and pathetic.

And yet, and yet…

Despite the feelings of physical and emotional instability and vulnerability, there was something in there that felt a little bit good, a little bit free, a little bit exciting.

I might just try it again next month


Vitamin B12 Deficiency - A Trip to the Doctor and Tired

After the temporary doctor left, I was assigned to one of the long-term partners of the medical practice. Unfortunately it takes several weeks to see him every time I make an appointment and we’ve spoken more by phone than we have face to face.

Despite having the series of B12 jabs 3 months ago, I still get tired easily and have been increasingly suffering from bouts of depression. My concern is that there’s something else going on and I’d like to get to the bottom of it.

The doctor agreed that it was unusual for a man of my age to suffer from B12 deficiency – apparently it’s most common in men over 60, not under 40 – so he was quite happy to investigate further. He wanted to do a series of blood tests, but it turned out that the ones he had in mind were less common than they used to be, so it took several more weeks to get the appropriate things sent through. Then I had the blood taken and it took another couple of weeks for the results to process.

Last night I received a call from the doctor saying the results were back and that everything appears to be “frighteningly normal”. So the next stage is to get me an appointment with the gastroenterologist to see if we can find out why my body isn’t absorbing the B12 in the hope that it will throw up other avenues to explore, but I have been warned that the waiting list is quite long.


quinn said...

Thanks for the update.....

Too bad she didn't return, you will of course find another "subject" for posts on your class......all kinds of interesting characters in this world LOL...

Loved the update on your cycling adventure..however , what do you mean another trip next month??? that long?? you meant of course the next day or even the next week...but a whole month?? your funny.

I am thrilled to hear that your tests reveal you to be healthy for the most part, no, serious flags of concern...phew...a few follow up tests and a few more bike rides around your home and you will be a new man.

BStrong said...

Well, It's her loss Kim. If you were giving a class in philosophy in my neck of the woods I would go. I need to be a bit more philly.

I too will be getting a bike this spring. I have found that riding with others certainly helps take your mind off the grueling work. If I'm able to put a few bucks aside after the baby's born I'm going to pick up a Trek 2100.

Sorry to hear that the problem's not solved. Remember way back when we were comparing our similarities, well I went to the doctors yesterday because I thought I had a urinary track infection. The test came back negative so he proceeded with the command "Please drop your pants, I'm going to check your prostate". Oh Shit. I offered to buy him dinner first so that we could get to know each other, he just laughed. After our moment he told me that I could have a small infection and that it was nothing serious. He gave me a script for an antibiotic called Cipro that will kill anything that doesn't belong.

So I guess you and I are in similar situations, just on different ends of the earth.

As for your bouts of depression, did you ever try going into the woods or somewhere private and screaming your head off and beating the shit out of something, not someone?

Be well Kim.

Kate said...

Glad to hear the tests were 'frighteningly normal' Hope your appointment comes through asap.

"Philosophy Evening Class - Class Begins
She didn’t return."

Now are you sure you didn't imagine the whole thing ;-)

ps: I have posted five questions for you to answer at your peril, sorry leisure. They aren't the most fascinating, but after reading your other 'things about me' posts there wasn't much left to ask.

BTW, I don't think your Dark Ages re-enactment is wierd - I think it sounds like jolly good fun!

Stella said...

Told you ya scared her!

Any bits clad in lycra?

Delighted to hear you are healthy, hope the rest of the tests go ok and they get to the root of the B12 deficiency and it's fixable.

Kim Ayres said...

Quinn - the test just reveal that they haven't found out what's wrong yet, or that I'm faking it...

BStrong - I've not had any prostate checking yet. Now that I'm 40 I guess I'll have to prepare myself. I'll begin the clenching exercises tomorrow...

Kate - One person's weird is another person's raison d'etre. Hope you liked the answers I gave :)

Stella - no sign of the lycra yet.

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