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Maggie's birthday

It's Maggie's birthday today and she is mumble mumble... years old.

The day is a virtual re-run of last year (see Kites, Cakes and Birthdays), other than we couldn't find anyone to keep an eye on the kids so I could take her for a coffee & scone, the picnic at Carrick beach was eaten in the car due to the lashing rain, she's watching Woody Allan instead of Bette Davis, and we'll be watching "Burn After Reading" on DVD tonight.

2 years running so it must now be a tradition.

Well, if you find a formula that works, flog it to death!

She seems happy anyway.

Time for coffee soon, with a nice piece of shortbread


mapstew said...

A very happy birthday to the lovely lady.

savannah said...

happy birthday, maggie! xoxox

Eryl said...

Happy birthday to Maggie! I went to see her exhibition on Sunday and I absolutely love the 3D stuff, especially the one that looks like the corset of someone who committed hari kari, if I could afford it I would definitely buy it.

I took some photographs, would she mind if I did a blog post?

Burn after reading is hilarious, I hope she enjoys it.

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew and Savannah - thank you - I have passed on your well wishes :)

Eryl - so pleased you enjoyed the exhibition! It would be lovely if you were to do a blog post - we'd love to see the photos you took :)

Charlie said...

Happy birthday to Maggie, the woman who shared a picnic with you the car—a carnic, I guess.

Do you have a tendency to mumble? I seem to have missed a couple of words.

hope said...

Hmmm, your Maggie has the same age as my Mom. Although Mom still will tell people she's 29 and holding. I, however, am forbidden to reveal my age in her company as she's "much to young to have a child my age." :)

Hope Maggie's day was a great one!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Maggie and may you have smashing time in Sebergh.
It looks like Bum after reading but I'm guessing it's Burn

Anonymous said...

It's that special time of year again? Have a Happy one Maggie and enjoy that hysterical movie!

debra said...

A most happy day to Maggie! Wishing you many happy, healthy, peaceful and loving days.

Kanani said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!
A picnic in the car looking out at the beach and listening to the lashing rain sounds very romantic!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday maggie. hope you like the movie

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes to Maggie. I read them all to her and she was delighted. She wishes you each one of you all the best :)

Brave Astronaut said...

Isn't in wonderful to have this outlet to celebrate the women we love?

All the best to Maggie, best wishes for many, many more.

Ria said...

I'm late. Belated happy birthday Maggie!

Jupiter's Girl said...

Only a week late in wishing Maggie a happy new year. How did you like the movie? My own impression was this "huh?", but entertaining. I stayed with it till the end.

Age is no matter. Laughing matter, that is. May you have many more, Sister.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for the late birthday wishes.

And we both loved Burn After Reading :)

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