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Kites, Cakes and Birthdays

Croissants for breakfast with lashings of butter - £2

Birthday card with Maggie on the cover of “Hot Fuzz” – 3 hours of playing around in Photoshop

Coffee with scones and jam at a local café - £6.25

Picnic at Carrick beach – the cost of bread, eggs, mayonnaise, bananas and petrol

Small kite tangled in gorse and briars, out of reach so lost forever - £2

Ice creams at Cream ’O Galloway - £5.20

An afternoon spent in front of the TV with a cup of tea, watching a Bette Davis film, while I had a nap and the kids made the birthday cake – £ really very little

A spread of tasty food – less than £10

chocolate malty cake with chocolate butter icing filling, coated with chocolate ganache running down the sides and over then edge of the cake-dish, with crumbled flake, white chocolate curls and white-chocolate-strawberry-truffles on top - £10

Presents from me, Rogan and Meg – less than £30

No Country for Old Men” hired on DVD - £1.50

Maggie feeling loved, special and indulged all day on her birthday – priceless

There are some things lots of money can buy, but we’ve never had lots of money.

However, time, thought and attention are infinitely more valuable.

It’s taken a while, but I think I finally understand now.


~Melissa~ said...

It sounds like a fabulous day - time and attention are much more valuable than money.

Carole said...

Phenominal way to start and end Maggie's day. You are a pretty smart cookie.

karatemom said...

yyyyaaayy...wish I was having a birthday sometime where so much care and attention was in the planning.whooohooo lucky lady !

Brave Astronaut said...

A very happy birthday to Maggie. It is nice to know that every once in a while we boys can get things right for our special ladies.

savannah said...

lovely! absolutely lovely and thoughtful, sugar! happy birthday to maggie!

Dr Maroon said...

Hot Fuzz?
I like a midnight gobble
I take it you have a license for that firearm?
Aye durzz fur thirsun
He does for that one

Anonymous said...

what a lucky woman!

Andraste said...

Way to get it right, bro!

Money is only worth its value as an enhancement to the good things, like time and attention, not as an extravagance, or an end in itself.

That Hot Fuzz card is THE AWESOME. Loved that movie, LOVED it. Laughed like an insane person on speed.

A very happy birthday to Maggie!

Sini said...

A very happy birthday to Maggie...

Freakazojd said...

That DOES sound like a fabulous day, and HOLY GOODNESS your son's cake looks FANTASTIC!! I also love the Hot Fuzz card, you're quite crafty with the Photoshop.
Happy birthday to Maggie! :)

Kanani said...

A great day all the way around! Yes, the thoughtfulness that went into this day made it most memorable!

Kim Ayres said...

Melissa - fortunately she did enjoy her day :)

Carole - years of practice

KarateMom - begin by writing out the plan for them...

Brave Astonaut - chicks are easy to please - bunch of flowers, a couple of "I love You"s, act sensitive, but be manly and protective. Easy peasy.

Savannah - and the cake was damn fine :)

Dr Maroon - "Two blokes and a F*** load of cutlery" - finest line in a film, ever.

Angie - so I keep telling her

Andraste - In my top 5 movies of all time I think

Sini - thank you :)

Freakazojd - oh boy was that cake good...

Kanani - the kids had so much fun on the lead up to it, desperately trying to keep everything a secret

Mary Witzl said...

Awww -- that sounds like such a nice birthday! And that cake -- oh, God!

Hot Fuzz is one of my favorite movies too, along with Kinky Boots, East is East and that other one with the same actor which I have forgotten the title of. Happy Birthday to Maggie!

I've finally understood that thing about money too. And getting that is priceless, isn't it?

ArleneWKW said...

Very very nice. And I finally get to see a photo of Maggie. As to a Bette Davis, she's one of my long time favorite.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

It sounds like perfection - a wonderful family celebration of their mother and wife.

Happy belated birthday, Maggie!

Tom said...

Love the card, Kim... one of my favorite films. Sounds like Maggie is one lucky wife and mom indeed.

Kim Ayres said...

Mary - mind you, if I had the money i would still be very difficult not to shower her in presents...

Arlene - I should warn you, it's not a typical photo...

Sam - oh don't worry, there were plenty of cock-ups too, but they didn't make it into this edited highlights post.

Tom - and I never fail to let her know that...

PI said...

You do know that croissants with butter is/are totally evil.
Could you tell what the bejasus the Sherrif was talking about?
Seriously it sounds like a happy spoiling, indulgent, loving day. And if you can't have that on your birthday when can you?

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - don't worry, it was back to muesli the following day :)

Sayre said...

Somehow, that hershey bar from the vending machine just isn't cutting it anymore... Dang, that's a good looking cake!

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