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December Song

Jim Hamilton has released a single, “December Song”, in time to try and grab that Christmas Number 1 slot. His name might not be that familiar to most of you, but back in the 70s he was signed to EMI, toured extensively round Europe, and even had a Number 1 hit in Denmark with “Rock n’ Roll Marionette”.

So why am I blogging about this?

Well, Jim Hamilton is also the father of Richie, the lead guitarist in a fledgling band I’m in (we meet once a week on a Tuesday evening and are still working on what songs we want to play. We’re also looking for a drummer/percussionist who lives locally and ideally has a space we can practice in if you’re interested/know anyone).

Last week Jim and Richie came round for a photo session, giving me the chance to try out the new studio space. Jim’s a warm and friendly guy – the kind who shows interest, and makes you feel good about yourself. A fun time was had by all, especially when the sun came out and they discovered the venetian-blind effect.

One or two of my photos from that session are getting used in the publicity for the single, so if it goes truly viral and takes over the world, it will look good on my CV/résumé.

You can download “December Song” at cdbaby, iTunes and other such sites:

You can view the YouTube video here:

You can add the "Jim Hamilton for UK Christmas Number 1" Facebook page to your “likes” here:

And here are a handful of photos I took that morning.

Jim Hamilton

Richie Hamilton

Father and Son

The photographer having fun


Brindy said...

I love the last one of father & son - what a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhh! Love those photos. They certainly have a lot in common don't they? That last one is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!

litzi said...

Hi Kim,
Marvelous photography! The black and white play with lighting is exceedingly effective…

Your first picture of Jim Hamilton reminds me of Frank Sinatra…perhaps it’s the tilt of his hat or the smile. That’s Life

Falak said...

Your photography is as always fantastic. Hope that song catches on. By the way what musical instrument do you play? Or is it that you sing?

angryparsnip said...

Wonderful post today !

The photo of Father and Son is really just Perfect !

cheers, parsnip

Jayne Martin said...

Let me if you tour the States. I'll come to the concert and throw my panties on the stage. Lovin' the photos.

hope said...

Oh you know you're good but I don't mind reminding you. :)

LOVE the last shot especially. A tip of the hat to you, Sir.

Unknown said...

Well, it's already been said and I hate to be redundant but great photos.

emma said...

Oh wow, nice light. So how is the new space feeling?

erika said...

You are such a Renaissance man, Kim :) AWESOME photos!

Pat said...

I love his voice which is quite young sounding.
The blind really works and I'll swear Ingrid is lurking somewhere in the background:)

Mary Witzl said...

Those photos are fantastic, Kim, especially the ones with the venetian blind effect -- they're interestingly noir.

And the sun came out over there? That alone would have been a good enough subject for a blog post!

Anonymous said...

I love the portraits - 1 and 3 especially.

Kim Ayres said...

Jacqui - thank you :)

Starrlife - thanks :)

Allen - Thank you :)

Litzi - he has that twinkle in his eye too :)

Falak - I defintitely don't sing, but I do play the bouzouki, mandolin and guitar :)

Parsnip - thank you :)

Jayne - a groupie, eh ;)

Hope - I'm ALWAYS open to reminding :)

Carole - I'm a complete sucker for praise and flattery - it's never redundant :)

Emma - I'm enjoying the new space a lot. I just need more people to photograph

Erika - thank you very much :)

Pat - I reckon I could do a great film noir photo with you. When are you coming up to Scotland?

Mary - nice sunny day today too. -7 C, but sunny :)c

Digibirder - thank you :)

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