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The Sex Pistols Experience

I am an anti-christ
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but
I know how to get it
I wanna destroy passer by
Cos I...
Wanna be...

Just over a week ago, Rogan and I were up in Bathgate, Central Scotland, backstage with The Sex Pistols Experience - a tribute band to perhaps the most well known of all punk rockers.

Rogan with "Paul Crook", "Steve Clones", "Johnny Rotter" and "Kid Vicious"

As Dave, the drummer and founder of the group was keen to point out, the difference with a “tribute” band over a “cover” band is the effort is made to perform in the style of the characters of the original group as well as the music.

I’d noticed this when we saw them back at the Wickerman Festival in July. We’d been impressed not just by the quality of the playing, but by the theatre of their performances – swearing at each other, goading the audience and the attention to detail in their clothes and sneers.

Dave had found my photos on the web and, as the band had recently acquired a new guitarist, and most of their photos featured the previous guy, he wondered if I’d be ok if they could use my images on their website and poster in exchange for being credited and a link to my website.

After a few email exchanges with images attached, I suggested next time they were in Scotland they should let me know and I could take some proper photos of them. And so it was, in the middle of November, Rogan and I found ourselves invited to join them in Bathgate.

The backstage area given over to them turned out to be a barber's shop just round the corner from the gig (owned and run by Skid, the lead singer in the support band, Cash from Chaos), as the only available space at the venue was too small to fit everyone in. It was warm, dry and had mirrors so was ideal.

Relaxing before the gig

Getting the expressions right

No holding back

Faithful renditions

I don’t know if I should say they’re a great bunch of guys, as that might appear to undermine their stage personas, but we had a wonderful time. And for a brief moment, at least, I think I managed a small amount of “cool dad” in the eyes of my son for taking him along.

I took quite a few more photos both backstage and at the gig, the best of which I've uploaded to my Flickr account, here.


mapstew said...

How cool. For both you and Rogan!

My eldest sometimes comes to, and performs at some of my gigs. It's a great time for us all!

And yes, you are, I am quite sure, THE cool Dad in his eyes! :¬)

savannah said...

nicely done, sugar! and to echo map, you are the cool dad! xoxoxo

Jayne Martin said...

Ah, backstage at a rock concert. I remember those days well. Glad Rogan got to enjoy it for himself and see how cool his dad really is. Great shots. Maybe they'll invite you along on their tour. ;)

litzi said...

rad Dad!

Brindy said...

Well cool!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Am I finally old enough to see the bands of my youth resurrected as tribute bands? Apparently, it is so. Oh, woe.

Unknown said...

Being a cool dad is so much better than being a dork.

I have to think you are really making a name for yourself with all the work you are doing for others. Pretty good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Definitely cool Dad moment. Reminds me of the time I took my daughter to see Rush in LA. Although driving home at 12:30am in the morning after the concert I would have never known if it was my cool Dad moment.

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - getting your eldest to perform on stage with you - now that is cool :)

Savannah - thank you :)

Jayne - next time they head to America, I might suggest it :)

Litzi - :)

Jacqui - :)

UB - but are tribute bands any worse than rearly 80s bands reuniting 30 years later to cash in on their brief moment of fame?

Carole - I'm saving the dorky dad post for another time...

Allen - I have no doubt you're a cool dad :)

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