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A Trip to the Doctor

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So I always feel like a nap after lunch – doesn’t everyone? Ok, I get worn out after about 20 minutes exertion, but that’s because I don’t exercise enough and my body isn’t used to it. I’m not tired all the time. Nothing a few good night’s sleep wouldn’t cure. Is it really necessary to go and see the doctor for a check up?

But now I’ve seen him, why does it feel like I’m more tired, more of the time? Is it the Vitamin B12 deficiency that’s been identified by a blood test, or is it that I’ve become hyper sensitive to feeling the slightest bit weary?

The doctor didn’t seem to know much about it, and spent a while looking in his medical book. I think I found out more on the Internet; however, I’m to be given a series of 10 injections to boost my levels. Problem is I’m going away on holiday. Never mind – 2 before I go and the remainder when I get back.

He didn’t seem that worried. The accompanying test indicated that it probably wasn’t pernicious anaemia, which is where the body attacks it’s own ‘intrinsic factor’ - the substance necessary for the body to be able to absorb the B12 from the diet. So why should I feel so fragile all of a sudden? If the worst comes to the worst, all it really means is that 3 or 4 times a year I might need a top-up injection.

Truth be told, it feels a bit like my body has betrayed me. There I was, going along, minding my own business and then suddenly it decides that it’s not absorbing, or storing, enough of a vitamin I’d never heard of. Why? From what I can make out, no one really knows what causes it.

I guess it’s just another of those little things that can happen, which remind you that you are mortal after all.


34quinn said...

Hello Kim,
I have just been through something very similar back in winter.
I was constantly tired, absolutely wiped out. You know what I think it really was I was burnt out at daycare, I was emotionaly tired, physically tired and just needed some rest for my mind body and soul.
I closed down the daycare at the end of march and made an agreement with my hub that for 2 weeks I was on "vacation" no looking for work , no worrying about finding a job.
It was not really easy to not think about it etc. but I did actually relax and I had my 2 weeks off no pressure..then 4 weeks later I started my job.
somewhere in between the tiredness did go away , the bags under my eyes were gone and I just felt better.
I hope that is all you need is this vacation you have planned.

Dr Maroon said...

Some hae meat and cannot eat.
Some cannot eat that want it:
But we hae meat and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit.

Have you reached a maintenance weight yet? If still losing weight, this could account for your torpor.
Stop blogging, play with the kids, get out the house, have a break, go to France, Bon Voyage.

Kim Ayres said...

Quinn - Unfortunately, it's not about needing a vacation from work. I understand what you're saying, as what you're talking about I went through a couple of years back, which led to selling my business, moving to this corner of Scotland and setting up an altogether less stressful life.

The side effects of B12 deficiency seem to fit my symptoms pretty well, but it will be a few weeks before I know whether the injections will be doing any good. However, I am looking forward to the vacation :)

Dr Maroon - still at least another 2 stone to lose before I'm at a maintenance level. However, the reason I'm losing weight is because I'm now eating healthily. My diet intake has never been better - lots of fresh fruit and veg and very little processed food. The blood tests were pretty conclusive about the B12 deficiency and I don't think it's diet related.

Maybe it's the blogging. Perhaps 2 weeks without it will restore me to health ;)

Kate said...

Hi Kim :-)

Yes, that's the thing with bodies, they love to sabotage you. Hope the injections help, and the holiday.

michael the tubthumper said...

despite that, the democrats and the republicans still agree on 90% of issues


Kim Ayres said...

Kate - thanks :)

Michael - I appreciate that this is the answer to the previous blog you were replying to, but I couldn't find a comment for me on the next one on your list.

Anonymous said...

hi Kim..I myself have been through the same thing myself not too long ago..I thought I had a muscular cold or flu..I was literally wiped out. fever, nausea, sore muscles..woke up one morning couldn't get out of bed..I WAS HAVING A BURNOUT MYSELF ( MONO ) MY DOCTOR SAID...WAS OFF WORK FOR 6 MONTHS..TO MUCH STRESS AND TOO MANY HOURS..SO i HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO CHANGE MY JOB... so becareful and take care ..good luck

Sandy said...

Have a good Holiday Kim - I'll hold the fort in the Gorden House with my newly learned chords.

If you're anywhere near Pont Avon pop in for a wee look - very lovely and twinned with Kirkcudbright.

One local rumour has the Selkirk Grace (quoted by Dr Maroon there) written in the Selkirk Arms in KCB just along the road from the Gordon House. (Burns certainly stayed in the Selkirk Arms at one point - mind you he seems to have been in every house in D&G at one time or another)

pissed off patricia said...

I had to take b12 shots a long time ago and man did they make me put on weight. Watch your appitite.

SafeTinspector said...

Anemia got my Grampa. No laughing matter!
You should take up cocaine. I hear it can energize you.

Seriously, though, I hope this is a passing thing...

Foot Eater said...

Well, if you must insist on visiting doctors, Kim, you can't complain when you end up feeling worse afterwards. Avoid them like the pox is my advice.

Rhonda said...

Aw Kim, I sympathize with the feeling of your body betraying you.

I truly hope the injections work and this becomes nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

In the meantime, rest up.

Kim Ayres said...

Fancy-face and Pissed Off Patricia - welcome to my ramblings.

Thanks for your support to everyone and I'll see you in a coupleof weeks

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