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Festive Wishes

Christmas cards have never been our strong point.

Christmas emails have fared better.

This year, however, stuff that will never be blogged about has proved to be... somewhat emotionally draining. So even the emails haven't made it.

Mind you, I did think of a superb festive image to create.

Our son, Rogan, is back home from his first semester at University, and although it's not up at the moment, his hair is still cut in such a way that he can create a mohawk - probably close to about 9 inches high by now.

So I asked him if he would do his hair - create the huge mohawk and let me hang a Christmas tree bauble from it. I know I could create such a damn fine photo!

Unfortunately he's not prepared to go through a couple of hours of hair preparation just for me to take one photo, and I just can't think of anything else that would be as good.

So, no festive image this year, I''m afraid.

Nevertheless, I still wish each and every reader of this blog - regulars and those who might randomly stumble across it - all the very best for the festive season!

Hope you have a really good one.


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I wish you and Maggie, Meg, Rogan and the rest of your family the best of the best...good health, happiness, laughter, and life filled with love.

Is Rogan having fun at uni? How's Meg? Tell her I send a special hug for her.

hope said...

Try not to make Rogan feel too guilty at the collective sigh that just went up after no Christmas card. (Hey, he can always change his mind....New Year's and fireworks!) ;)

Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love. Best wishes for the best year ever.

maurcheen said...

This is probably the first year since we were married 23 years ago that I have sent not one single solitary card. Don't be worrying pal. It's a new age innit?

Nollaig Shona a tú féin, Maggie, Rogan agus Meg. :¬)


Hindsfeet said...

sweet, festive, and merry for you and yours too, Kim......

....and hey! why don't you photoshop the Mohawk pic you posted a couplea months ago of Rogan and toss a bauble on *that* baby! I wanna see that! --; ) <--sideways winky face avec Mohawk ; p far as the other stuff "that wont be blogged about", well, just wish you well, Kim, really really *well*, hope that stuff sorts itself out and that the dust settles for you, my dear.........

more than anything, hoping this day is a little pause button 'on it all' for you over are *so* appreciated, so well thought of, now and throughout the are truly such a gift to us all....

so, thanks for the Gift, Kim...
merry merry, comfort and joy, now and in your new year,

warmest always,

Anonymous said...

I did remember the warm Christmas greetings that gave me a feeling of connectedness. Now I have that feeling with or without that email. I'd like to say here I look forward to another year of blogging with you, will I eventually get across the ocean to meet?
I'd like to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year.

Anonymous said...

We all love Meg. She's amazing! :)<3

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gyal, Hope, Maurcheen, Liz and Allen - thank you all for your warm and kind comments, and for your support throughout the year(s). Wishing you all the very best for the coming year :)

Anonymous - I'm pleased to hear it, although I have no idea who you are

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